14/11/2014 06:17 GMT | Updated 14/11/2014 07:59 GMT

Men Re-Create Kim Kardashian's Naked Bum Cover - This Might Actually 'Break The Internet'

First there was was the photo of Kim Kardashian's bottom. Then there was the photo of Kim Kardashian's front bottom. Now there's something even more glorious....

Men have been dropping their trousers to re-create Kim K's nuddy photoshoot.

And we're sure you'll agree, the team from Bondi Hipsters have done an excellent job...

bondi hipsters 1

bondi hipsters 2

bondi hipsters 3

The team from BuzzFeed have also given a valiant effort, creating the below parody video.

As BuzzFeed's junior video producer Zach Kornfeld says: "If Kim can get naked and oil her butt, then god damn it so can we."

Bravo gentlemen. Bravo.


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