This Is What 6,000 Daily Flights Above The UK Actually Looks Like

This is what one day of air travel in the UK actually looks like.

This video was put together by NATS, and shows 6,000 flights as if they were all taking place at once.

It's beautiful, but for sheer volume alone just a bit scary.

NATS said:

"Our airspace is busy, complex and there is a lot going on. Each year we manage around 2.2 million movements, peaking at over 8,000 a day (although there are around 7,000 on this particular day), with only 5.5 seconds delay per flight attributable to NATS. Obviously there are the flows of large aircraft from the airports into and out of the UK, but there is also a lot of activity outside controlled airspace. UK 24 is designed to help visualise the breadth and depth of UK aviation and why airspace is such an important asset."