18/11/2014 16:30 GMT | Updated 20/05/2015 10:12 BST

National Anti-Bullying Week: More Than 30% Of Children Do Not Feel Safe At School

Schoolboy being bullied in school corridor

A new national survey from the charity BullyingUK has found that bullying continues to be a major worry for children, parents and teachers, with 30 of pupils reported that bullying occurred at school primarily during break, in classrooms and the playground

• 81.4 of the children confided in their parents

• 95 identified as name calling, 66 social bullying

Alarmingly, despite measures to identity and tackle bullying in schools, 62 of young people felt their school's response was unhelpful
• 61 of staff feel it is difficult to keep on top of bullying within schools
• 58 of children said bullying going on for two years or more
• 40 of parents said once the school was involved the bullying still continued.
• 35 of children were able to confide in their parents straightaway.

There remains a reluctance amongst some pupils to inform the school or their teachers.

Jeremy Todd, Family Lives Chief Executive said: "Young people may live their lives vicariously through the virtual world, but our survey highlights that 'real-world' bullying continues to occur during lunch and break times, to and from school and in corridors.

"Thirty five percent of teaching and school staff told us that they have seen bullying on multiple occasions every month."

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