Does Russia Have A Secret Space Weapon?

Concerns have been raised that a mysterious object that Russia put into orbit could in fact be some form of top secret space weapon.

Known as Object 2014-28E, the unidentified object was put into orbit along with three military communications satellites and while originally classed as nothing more than junk the object has started acting strangely.

In the last three weeks alone satellite trackers have noticed it actually adjusting its own trajectory prompting fears that Russia has secretly placed a weapon in orbit designed for destroying other satellites.

Russia, naturally, didn't acknowledge the object at launch and has since remained utterly silent about its now apparent ability to change course.

The news that Russia could be operating a secret weapon from space will only add to the current mystery that surrounds Russia's military endeavours after a huge flash of light was seen in the sky over Russia earlier this week.

The flash of light was caught on camera and has left scientists and experts baffled as to the cause with some suggesting that it could be the result of a top-secret weapon.