21/11/2014 17:29 GMT | Updated 20/05/2015 10:12 BST

Hamleys' Top Toys For Christmas 2014

Nick Ansell/PA WIRE

We're bringing you a preview of the toys that the buyers at Hamleys believe will be gracing your children's Christmas wish lists this year.

The shops seem to bring out their Christmas decorations earlier every year, but don't panic - Hamleys have not got their baubles up yet! They have, however, allowed us a sneak peek of the top ten toys that they predict your children will be clamoring for come December.

While we are undoubtedly very excited to share these toy finds with you, that is not the only reason why we've started talking about Christmas so early. No, the real reason is because if you are planning to head to Hamleys, then the sooner you start your Christmas shopping the better.

Take it from someone who used to work there, it gets increasingly hectic in store in the run up to Christmas. So for a more civilised shopping experience it's wise to visit the shop earlier in the year (although it is still worth making a return visit in December if you want to see Father Christmas in his full red suited glory).

Be warned, the toys are pretty pricey (£800 toy rollercoaster, anyone?!) but it's worth having a look through them if you're thinking of splashing out on a large gift.

So take a look through the gallery below to get ahead of the rush and see Hamleys' pick of the best new dolls, watches, art kits, consoles and robots .

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