LaserWatch Is The Ultimate James Bond Smart Watch

In case you thought smart watches weren't lethal enough then don't worry, that niche has now been filled by the LaserWatch.

Created by hobbyist and aspiring spy Patrick Priebe this wrist-mounted harbinger of doom can inflict terrible damage to balloons and -- if your aiming is up to the task -- light candles as well.

With a custom machined metal body the watch contains a powerful 1,500-milliwatt laser. There's a catch though, battery life isn't exactly what we'd call 'mission capable'.

You'll only get around five to ten minutes of battery life so be sure to bring a drawing pin if you're faced with a particularly large contingent of balloons.

Now due to: a) The fact that it's a wrist-mounted laser. b) Was constructed in a guy's shed. There's a very high probability that this isn't strictly legal.

That said, there's nothing to stop it from being cool, and if you can find some loophole that means you can own one then Priebe says he'll put one together for around $300.