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Winter Baby Names


If you're expecting a baby in December, January or February, why not pay tribute to the season with a winter-themed name?

We've delved into the records to dig up some fabulous baby names whose meanings reflect the winter season. Some of them will be familiar (to find out why Natalie is a winter name, read on!), while others are rare or fallen into disuse.

We've even got a few options if your baby happens to arrive over the Christmas season (and no, Jesus isn't one of them). Here are our favourite winter-themed names for boys and girls:


Winter - too obvious? Nonetheless, a truly distinctive baby name which is beginning to pick up in popularity.

Holly/Ivy - bit of a cliché, but we couldn't resist these festive-themed classics

Indra – a Sanskrit name meaning 'drops of rain', something you'll be very familiar with if you're giving birth in a British winter.

Audra – Lithuanian for storm, this name has a gorgeous ring to it that echoes increasingly popular names like Aurora and Audrey.

Natalie – the name Natalie comes from the Latin phrase 'natale domini', which means Christmas Day. Bet you didn't know that!

Violet – the perfect name for a February baby, as the delicate purple perennials are the official birth flower for babies born that month.

Eirwen – a Welsh name which means 'white as snow', making it a delightfully evocative choice for a winter baby.

Mary - a Christmas-themed baby name that pays tribute to one of the central figures of the Nativity.

Santa – Spanish for 'saint' or 'holy'. Just make sure you pronounce it with the Spanish accent to avoid confusion with the big man in red.

Nevada – another Spanish one, Nevada means snow-capped - what could be more deliciously wintery?


Edur – a name of Basque origin, Edur means snow. Great if you're dreaming of a white Christmas!

Noël - groan! Sorry, we had to throw this in there.

Nicholas - patron saint of children and the original 'Father Christmas', Nicholas lets you tip your hat to the festive season without overdoing it.

Lanyon – a nod to Cornish heritage, this chilly name comes from the Cornish words for 'cold lake'.

Korah – comes from a Hebrew word meaning ice or frost, an all-too-common sight at this time of year.

Joseph - a counterpart to Mary above, Joseph is a name with a special relevance to Christmas and the Nativity, but also has the advantage of not standing out too much.

Casper - not only a friendly ghost, Casper (or Gaspar) was one of the three kings said to have visited the baby Jesus in the manger.

Gabriel - as you'll doubtless recall, Gabriel was the angel who announced the birth of Jesus. It's also an increasingly popular boys' name (79th most popular in 2013).

Rudolph - Central European names are becoming more and more popular (Louis, Max, Leo,...), so why not join in with the festive-tinged Rudy or Rudolph?

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