Cannabis Farm Discovered In Epping Forest

A couple taking a romantic stroll in Epping Forest stumbled across a large outdoor cannabis farm.

Oscar Lerin ambled straight into the patch of 70 professionally-cultivated adult marijuana plants growing just off the beaten path of London’s largest open space.

The 35-year-old said: “It was funny. We couldn’t believe it. We like ‘Really? Is this real?’” before crouching amongst the plants for a photo.

Oscar Lerin poses amongst the produce

He added: “We like nature and we went to Epping Forest to have a walk and have a look at mushrooms and identify them.

“We were just walking and walking and I looked around and I thought this looks like marijuana plantation. The smell was really strong so I knew it could be nothing else. It was very close to the path and just near it really, behind a big bush.

“I think there was around 60 or 70 plants and it covered quite a large area - about 15 or 20 square metres. The soil was different. We had a look and there was a sheet of plastic on the ground and the different soil was on top and the plants were in there.”

A spokesman for the City of London corporation, which manages the space told “We can’t comment at the moment as it’s a police matter.”

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