The Best Christmas Outfits For Babies


Dressing up babies in adorably silly outfits is one of the great joys of being a parent and the run up to Christmas provides plenty of opportunities for popping on a cute costume.

It's practically impossible not to smile when looking at a baby in a Christmas pudding onesie or a bobbled Father Christmas hat; and the fun of buying your child their first Christmas jumper is a great payback for sleepless nights.

What's more, just think of all the joy you'll get from looking back at photos of your tiny baby in their festive get-up over the years to come - not to mention the capacity for embarrassment the pictures will bring when your baby grows into a grouchy teenager!

Christmas comes but once a year, so don't miss this opportunity to dress your baby up... while they're still young enough to let you!

(There's no need for older children to miss out on the festive fun - check out our gallery of the 12 best Christmas jumpers for kids).

So whether you want to transform your baby into a penguin, elf, snowman or reindeer, or if you prefer a more traditional knitted Christmas jumper look, click through the gallery below for our pick of 2014's best festive outfits for babies.

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