'The Bounceway', The World's Longest Urban Trampoline Is Coming To London

Close your eyes, empty your mind and imagine a road...

A road, which in fact, is just one long trampoline. Do you feel it? Do you feel the pure JOY? Because we do.

And this dream could soon be a reality as Transport For London has released details of their 'Future Streets Incubator' - the £1.8m transformation of streets and public spaces across London.

Our favourite part of the initiative is The Bounceway, the world's longest urban trampoline.

In partnership with Architecture for Humanity, The Bounceway aims to boost fitness and fun, and provide a novel form of transport.

In London, the joy of travelling has been sucked out of our souls by commuter-shaped Dementors, tube strikes and signalling problems.

Now, the fun shall be restored and our brains (and hearts) simply cannot cope. Our inner five-year-old has been screaming out for this kind of happiness for years.

Luckily for us, the idea is not far from becoming a reality. A trial of The Bounceway will be part-funded by a crowd-funding campaign which is set to launch in late 2014.

We'll definitely be sticking a tenner in.

[H/T usvsth3m]