26/11/2014 07:19 GMT | Updated 20/05/2015 06:12 BST

Curious Baby Tries To Eat Pet Budgie

YouTube/Scott Gallacher

Babies will try and put anything in their mouths - as this unsuspecting pet budgie learns when it decides that a baby's arm looks like a safe place to perch.

When the bird lands on her hand, at first the little girl looks confused. She can't quite work out what this pretty blue thing balancing on the back of her wrist is.

But then a sly grin crosses her face as she works it out. Her left hand is the one she holds her beaker in, so this thing must be edible!

Keen to try this tasty looking new snack she lunges open mouthed at the budgie before her dad - who is filming this first meeting of baby and family pet - tells her to stop, though he can barely get the words out through his giggles.

The baby smiles and stops, although she's not convinced that her dad isn't just winding her up so she makes a second attempt at a bite before the budgie flees to safety on top of her head, far away from curious gums.

The clip was uploaded to YouTube by Scott Gallagher on November 20 and six days later it has been viewed more than 95,000 times.

"Look at her grin,she knows what she's doing," writes one commentor.

Another was concerned for her health quipping: "And people wonder where bird flu comes from."

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