26/11/2014 06:57 GMT | Updated 26/11/2014 07:59 GMT

Restaurant In China Replaces Humans With Robot Waiters

A restaurant owner in China has replaced his human staff with robot waiters in a bid to cut costs and draw in more customers.

The restaurant in Zhejiang province now employs 1m tall robots which run along magnetic strips on the ground. They can carry trays of food, greet customers and even communicate through a series of simple phrases.

With optical sensors the robots are able to know exactly where to stop in the restaurant, returning to the kitchen when the food is delivered.

The owner believes that not only has he saved money but that by embracing the technological revolution he is attracting more customers over those restaurants that use human waiters.

Earlier this month Royal Caribbean unveiled the world's first robot barmen on board it's state-of-the-art new cruise ship the Quantum Of The Seas.