Tesco, Argos, Currys Websites Collapse Amidst Black Friday Madness

The websites for Tescos, Argos, Currys and Game have all crashed due to the volume of consumers looking to take advantage of the Black Friday sales.

The response to Black Friday has been -- we think it's fair to say -- something of a surprise to retailers in the UK with consumers embracing the American tradition with a level of commitment that has caused logistical nightmares for tech stores both online and in the high-street.

Both Currys and Tesco are now employing an online queuing system which lets you wait until there's room while Game has rather unfortunately completely crashed.

With the backing of their US counterparts however both Asda and Amazon's sites are coping well with the increased traffic while high-street retailers and supermarkets battle for control of the enormous queues that have formed up and down the country.

With violence reported in a small number of stores it seems your best bet right now is hunker down, wait in line on the website and get all the bargains you can from the safety of your living room.