Mickey Rourke Reveals Shocking Transformation Ahead Of First Boxing Match In 20 Years (PICS)

Mickey Rourke has revealed his shocking transformation, ahead of his first boxing match in 20 years.

The actor will return to boxing tonight (Friday 28 November) with a fight in Moscow, against professional boxer Elliot Seymour.

Mickey Rourke

The 62-year-old previously had a boxing career, however he gave up the sport shortly after finding fame in Hollywood movies.

According to a Russian sports channel, Mickey has shared his thoughts ahead of the fight, stating: “Boxing is a serious part of my life.

“It taught me respect and determination, patience and concentration. I always dreamed of fighting a match in Russia.”

The actor in September 2013

Mickey demonstrated his extraordinary fitness with a public training session in Moscow.

His return to boxing comes six years after starring in the movie ‘The Wrestler’, which told the tale of a former wrestling pro who decided to return to the sport.

Mickey's public training session

In 1990, Mickey returned to boxing briefly, and fought six matches before retiring again, with facial injuries that required surgery.

See more photos of Mickey's new look below...

Mickey Rourke Boxing Training In Moscow

Mickey Rourke Prepares For Boxing Return