Pot-Bellied Pig Boards US Airways Plane, Is Asked To Leave For Being 'Disruptive'

We all have to put up with things we don’t like on planes.

But whether it's a crying child, a noisy passenger or simply the fact we are being forced into close proximity with hundreds of strangers, you’ve got to just grin and bear it.

Which is why it’s a little sad this pig (and his owner) were asked to leave a flight amid reports it was being “disruptive.”

The porcine passenger was spotted on a US Airways flight on Wednesday, waiting to fly out of Connecticut.

Jonathan Skolnik told ABC News he had at first assumed the pig - who we have since learned is named Hobie - was a duffel bag.

“She tethered it to the arm rest next to me and started to deal with her stuff but the pig was walking back and forth.

“I was terrified, because I was thinking I’m gonna be on the plane with a pig.”

The woman and her pig – believed to be of the pot-bellied variety – were asked to leave.

While you might ask yourself what a pig was doing on a flight in the first place, pot-bellied porkers have been allowed on commercial aircraft since 2012.

Provided they are used for “emotional support”, the Department of Transportation’s draft manual permits them on board, CNS News revealed.

We can only assume this little piggy did something very, very inappropriate.

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