01/12/2014 06:02 GMT | Updated 01/12/2014 06:59 GMT

White Dee Gets Engaged And 'Wants To Marry In 'Celebrity Big Brother' House'... But Will Lauren Goodger Be The Wedding Singer?

Former ‘Benefits Street’ resident White Dee is ending 2014 on a high - after announcing her engagement to her DJ boyfriend, Mark Wilson.


The two officially became an item this year, having been friends for six years previously, but must now wait until his divorce is finalised before they can go ahead and tie the knot themselves.

How very Kim Kardashian.

White Dee

According to Mark’s agent, Barry Tomes, Dee has big plans for her forthcoming nuptials, and is currently considering the ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ house as a potential venue, having finished in fifth place in the reality series this summer.

Because who wouldn’t want to tuck into their wedding feast in the same spot where Gary Busey once sat down without any trousers on?

Barry revealed to the Daily Star: “Dee is a private person and she didn’t want to issue a statement on this.

“But I’ve spoken to her and, as you can imagine, she’s delighted and overjoyed - I’m so pleased for her.”

Despite the fact she’s currently waiting “to see what happens with an upcoming documentary” before finalising the bigger details, it sounds as though she’s got big plans for the ceremony, and even wants some of her ‘CBB’ housemates to chip in with the entertainment.

According to Barry: “Lauren Goodger could do the singing and if James Jordan is free it would be great to have him choreograph the first dance.”

Well, let’s face it. It’s not quite Lana Del Reyperforming ‘Young and Beautiful’ at the Kim Kardashian and Kanye West wedding, is it?

It’s better.

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