Roger Daltrey Gives Impromptu Performance At Couple's Wedding Reception. As You Do. When You're Roger Daltrey.

Roger Daltrey Makes Couple's Wedding Day With Impromptu Performance

Picture the scene. You're at a wedding reception in a hotel near Glasgow. When guess who takes to the stage with the function band? Roger Daltrey, of course!

And now that you've got over your shock, you get to enjoy his performance of The Who's 'Can't Explain' with the aforementioned function band. And it's all rather marvellous. And surreal.

"Absolutely overwhelming! The story we will be telling for the rest of our lives. Thank you so much," posted the bride, Susan Smith, on Facebook.

"Can't believe it happened, feels so surreal, thank you so much, you made our perfect day even better, a gent and a legend," added her new hubby, Carl Smith.

"Can't thank Roger enough, what a gentleman and complete legend! Dream come true not only for me but for all the band, what an experience!" wrote Graeme Allan, the drummer in the function band (who are called Milestone and who have proudly, and understandably, posted the video to YouTube as 'Milestone feat. Roger Daltrey').

This is why you should always hold your wedding reception in a five-star hotel, people - because there might just be a rock star staying there, too.

All we can say is: thank goodness they hadn't booked a string quartet.

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