'Star Wars 7': Eddie Redmayne Reveals 'Catastrophically Bad' Audition 'Crushed His Childhood Dream'

Eddie Redmayne has revealed he ruined a childhood dream when he messed up his audition for the new ‘Star Wars’ film.


The ‘Les Misérables’ actor was lucky enough to bag himself an audition to play an unspecified role in ‘The Force Awakens’, the forthcoming seventh instalment in the ‘Star Wars’ franchise.

Unfortunately for him, it didn’t go quite how he'd planned, putting an abrupt end to a dream he’d had since childhood.

Eddie Redmayne

During an interview on the Happy Sad Confused podcast, he admitted: “My ‘Star Wars’ audition was pretty catastrophically bad.

“I went in and did the scene, and after seven times of trying to play a baddie, they were like, ‘You got anything else, Eddie? Got any other tricks?”, and I was like, ‘No, I want out’.

“Childhood dream. Crushed.”

He later reveals that he had a “very awful” audition for the role of Bilbo Baggins in ‘The Hobbit’, which eventually went to ‘Sherlock’ star Martin Freeman. Eddie has also said in the past that he auditioned for the role of Christian Grey in the upcoming 'Fifty Shades' film.

A still from the new 'Star Wars' trailer

Eddie isn’t the only British actor hoping to get in on the sci-fi reboot, after it was reported that Benedict Cumberbatch might be making the leap from ‘Star Trek’ to ‘Star Wars’.

Benedict did precious little to silence the rumours during an interview with Graham Norton earlier this year, saying simply: “No comment”, when quizzed about whether he’d be starring in the film.

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Eddie Redmayne

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