'The Future Starts Here' Season Two, Episode Seven: 'Creative Bondage', Watch It Now!

The Greater The Struggle, The Greater The Art

When Alfred Hitchcock filmed the famous shower scene in 'Pyscho' it may come as a surprise to learn that almost all of it, was the direct result of being under creative restraint.

The American Motion Picture Production Code strictly prohibited Hitchcock from shooting the scene in a certain way, so to make sure it had the same impact he prepared over 70 different shots, all of which were then combined to create the terrifying scene we know and love today.

In episode seven of her groundbreaking web show The Future Starts Here', acclaimed filmmaker and creator of the Webby Awards, Tiffany Shlain explores how some of the best creativity is spawned from huge adversary.

With new technology giving us new opportunities filmmakers and artists are better equipped than ever to take on a wall of restrictions.

Check out episode seven, above. Check every week for new episodes until December.

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