03/12/2014 12:09 GMT | Updated 09/12/2014 06:59 GMT

WIN: Can You Spot The Seven Pieces Of Hidden Art?

Over the last 35 years, BP has been a major supporter of UK arts and culture, engaging millions all over the country. For 25 years of this, BP has been partner to the iconic Tate Britain and 2014 officially marks their anniversary as the gallery’s longest partner.

Spanning almost three decades, BP support has allowed the Tate to produce some of the most dynamic displays of the world’s greatest collection of British Art. How better to celebrate the 25th anniversary then to invite you to experience the universally acclaimed BP Walk Through British Art?

This latest rehang is a chronological display which transports you back to the 1500s and leaves it up to you to stroll through time right up to the present day in a sequence comprising of 500 artworks.

No matter your knowledge of British art, this exhibition gives you a once in a lifetime chance to experience some of the most profound and adored British artists including the likes of Turner, Moore, Bacon and Hockney.

To mark BP’s 25 year anniversary with Tate Britain, we’ve created a puzzle where you can put your art knowledge to the ultimate test and win a year-long membership to Tate.

Discover the seven pieces of art hidden in the graphic below for your chance to win. Here's your clue - all of these pieces are currently on display in the  BP Walk Through British Art exhibition. Enjoy!

There are seven pieces of art in the above image. Please input your guesses below for your chance to win. Those that guess the highest numbers of pieces correctly will stand a chance of winning the prize.

We'll start you off. See the painter? See the pug? That's William Hogarth's 'The Painter and his Pug'. Now can you name the rest? All answers will be revealed on entry. Good Luck!