James Bond Villain In 'Spectre' Will Be Christoph Waltz, But Who's 007's Best Villain? (VOTE, PICTURES)

Who Are You Expecting To Be Bond's Best Villain?

When Sam Mendes announced the title of the latest James Bond film, 'Spectre', he also revealed that 007 would have a brand new villain.

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James Bond's latest Nemesis in 'Spectre' is Oberhauser, and will be played by Oscar winner Christoph Waltz, who we know can do bad very well with his Oscar-winning turn in 'Inglourious Basterds'.

For many, Donald Pleasence as Blofeld is the ultimate Bond villain

Bond's most recent villain, Raoul Silva, was played by Javier Bardem, gloriously camp in a blonde wig that did little to hid the menace on his rubbery face.

What was his beef? Purely his quest for revenge on Bond's boss M, after being humiliated during his years of MI6 service, when - you guessed it - he was (nearly) as an able an agent as 007 himself.

Bardem defended Silva's actions, calling him "a broken man", but all Bond's villains have had their reasons.

Le Chiffre (my favourite, 'Casino Royale') had simply got himself in a spot of financial bother with some evil henchmen, and needed to get a bit more cash back in the briefcase before he gave him back to him. That's his story, anyway, for tying James Bond to a chair and finding fresh use for a whip.

Similarly, Goldfinger didn't really want to hurt anyone - he just wanted to get rid of all the gold in Fort Knox so that his own pile of coins would be worth that little bit more, so just playing the laws of supply and demand, really.

Back at the beginning, Dr No simply wanted to sabotage American missile tests. Unfortunately, he sabotaged himself, ending up boiling in the pot of his own reactor. Whoops.

And Blofeld... well, some people are just a little bit strange (hence the need for the character to be played by five different actors, if you include voiceovers, two of whom are featured here).

So... who's the best of Bond's arch-foes? Check out our pick of the bunch in these pictures and have your vote below...

Scaramanga (Christopher Lee, Man With The Golden Gun)

James Bond's Best Villains

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