Self Driving Cars In The Rain Turn Into Sliding Death Traps


The UK has announced its four test-beds for self-driving cars. But it might want to check the weather forecast.

For if the results of a test of the technology in South Korea are anything to go by, robots aren't so great at driving in the rain.

Hyundai's Future Automobile Technology Competition saw 12 teams compete to find out which autonomous car was the best. After the first round, just four were left.

And then it rained.

At which point this happened.

According to the teams involved, the biggest issues were not with road control but visibility - without clear views the cars found it difficult to stay on the road, almost hitting a light pole and then ramming into a barrier.

Now this doesn't necessarily mean self-driving cars are a dud. Some systems use different forms of vision to look for obstacles rather than straightforward cameras, while others are designed specifically to cope with adverse weather.

On the other hand, it may be no coincidence that the most successful tests so far have been held in California, rather than, you know, Coventry.

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