Starbucks Is Testing A Service That Removes Staff From The Equation

Starbucks has started trialling a test in Portland, Oregon that'll let you open up the Starbucks app, choose your drink and then order it to the nearest store.

You'll have ordered and paid all through the app so all you need to do is then head to the store and pick up your drink.

Called “Mobile Order & Pay" it's Starbucks' way of signifying that whether you like it or not, the company is embracing new technologies and it has the numbers to back it up.

Over 15 per cent of all orders in the US are made using people's smartphones, that's a staggering 7 million transactions.

With this in mind Starbucks is hoping to streamline the process even further by rolling out "Mobile Order & Pay" city by city in 2015.

How does it work? The process is remarkably simple, with the updated app your phone will then know if you're near a Starbucks that offers "Mobile Order & Pay".

A menu icon will appear in the app and from there you'll see nearby compatible stores and be able to order your drink to one of those stores.