'Young, Hot And Crooked' Explores Why Rich, Young, Beautiful People Can End Up Living A Life Of Crime

What it is about being young, beautiful and beyond privileged that drives certain individuals to a life of crime?

'Young, Hot and Crooked' explores this strange phenomenon, with each episode exposing a scandalous crime committed by somebody you would think would either a) know better, b) not need the money, and c) be far too busy partying in the Florida Keys with famous sports stars to be up to such shenanigans.

More money just means more opportunity for mischief in 'Young, Hot and Crooked'

The show also attempts to explain what drives such glittering people who have nothing they need to gain and everything to lose, down this particular path.

The real-life Wolf of Wall Street, Jordan Belfort, is just one of these bright, young things profiled in the show. When he gets a taste of the good life, he becomes addicted, and is soon on a drug-fuelled rampage of sex, destruction and dodgy dealing.

For those profiled in 'Young, Hot and Crooked' it invariably ends in tears

From his early rise on Wall Street to the binge that sank a 170-foot motor yacht and a $700,000 hotel tab, this notorious bad boy had...and lost it all. Will a prison term be his first step toward redemption? Watch this space.

However, it turns out Jordan is by no means alone in his temptation. In another episode of the show, college student Barbara Wu seems like the perfect catch until she reveals a twisted obsession regarding an ex-boyfriend. Now she's ensnared her current boyfriend into killing her ex. Will he do as she says? Or will he also end up on her hit list? And what on earth makes any of these people think they will get away with it? Proper mind-boggling reality television.

'Young, Hot and Crooked' debuts this evening on Investigation Discovery Channel at 9pm. Virgin Media provides access to up to 260+ channels including Freeview Channels, Virgin Movies, Sky Movies and Netflix.

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