UK Lab Accidentally Sent Live Anthrax In The Post

There are some things that you should just double check: whether it's making sure that you've locked the door, seeing if that shirt actually fits or making sure you're sending completely harmless anthrax as opposed to the live, utterly lethal anthrax.

A Guardian investigation has found that a high-security lab in the UK failed to carry out on of these checks and it just so happened to be the one involving live anthrax.

In looking at the conduct of the UK's high-risk laboratories the newspaper discovered that in May 2012, scientists mistakenly sent a sample of live anthrax to another lab.

They had planned to send out inactivated anthrax but somehow someone didn't double check the vials. Upon reaching its destination at another laboratory a lab researcher then opened the package and opened the vial. Two people were exposed, both had thankfully been vaccinated.

As with the findings in the US, the report makes fairly worrying reading in terms of the number of security lapses that have taken place in these labs.

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