09/12/2014 08:10 GMT | Updated 09/12/2014 08:59 GMT

'Rich People Don't Know How To Cook,' Says New Report


The richest people in Britain have no idea how to prepare their own meals, says a controversial new report.

"We've lost our cooking skills. Rich people don’t know how to cook," said the woman presenting the report.

"Many of them could be making their own porridge for just 4p a bowl. Instead, they pay housekeepers, nannies or chefs to make it for them - or they even have breakfast at a swanky restaurant, at a much higher cost."

A swanky restaurant: Many rich people lack cooking skills as they usually dine out

The All Party Group on Food Abundance and Lack Of Hunger found that rich people are often unable to produce nutritious meals from scratch for lack of basic skills.

Single workers in the City rely heavily on Waitrose ready-meals

Unlimited access to restaurants, staff and ready-meals from Waitrose means that the rich are lacking the skills to prepare decent meals from scratch and are often too drunk on free champagne to do so. "They may also have difficulties budgeting for a week’s worth of shopping, as they have no idea how much anything costs in the real world,” the report said.

As a result, many rely on hand-outs from the state - or 'state banquets' as they are also known.

Food is regularly provided for the richest people by the state

"It is vitally important that we educate the rich to prepare their own meals so that they no longer have to rely on state handouts," the report concluded.

Baroness Jenkin regularly turns her food into jewellery as she has no idea how to cook it