Wearable Tech That Won't Force You Into Becoming A Fitness Freak

Wearable gadget are set to become the most talked-about branch of gadgetry in 2015. The arrival of the Apple Watch along with Oculus Rift finally getting a consumer release date will push the genre of technology into the mainstream.

Until now though it's fair to say that wearable technology predominantly seems to be catering towards one very particular type of person.

This person weighs themselves on smart scales, inputs their food, tracks their runs and likes to be told that they're 'DOING GREAT' every three miles they walk.

There's nothing wrong with that of course but for those of us that are happy just plodding around a field three times a week it'd be nice to have some wearable technology that isn't trying to turn us into a gym addicted ultra nutritionist.

Thankfully there are such gadgets in existence and to prove it we've listed them here from Oculus Rift to the futuristic and utterly minute Motorola Hint.

Moto Hint

Wearable Tech That Won't Turn You Into A Gym Addict

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