Joao Contreras Hit By Bolt Of Lightning During Copa Peru Match

Peruvian Footballer Struck By Lightning Mid-Match

This harrowing footage shows the moment Sport Aguila player Joao Contreras was struck by lightning during a match.

The players were waiting to start the second half against Fuerza Minera when the freak incident occurred.

Assistant referee Abraham Loayza Morales was also hurt.

Sport Aguila captain Amilcar Lobon told Diario Correo: "Thank God he's okay, he's getting better, and now we're just thinking about his recovery. It's difficult to imagine this situation that just doesn't happen in Huancayo."

The Peruvian Football Federation has refuted rumours of the player's death.

In a statement, they said: "Unfortunately the force of nature has caused a serious impact to the health of one of the Sport Aguila players and one of the refereeing team."

The player is in hospital, where he is said to be recovering.

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