Twitter 2014 Highlights Include One Direction, World Cup And The Ellen Degeneres Oscars Selfie

It's been a big year for Twitter - the biggest one yet in fact.

The micro-blogging site continues to take the world of online communication by storm and 2014 saw some incredible highlights.

Let's start with the biggie - the Oscars selfie.

Yup, that's a massive 3,367,854 retweets, knocking President Obama himself off the top spot.

In the UK, One Direction continued to dominate Twitter with their incredibly dedicated following. This reminiscing gem from Harry Styles was the most retweeted UK tweet.

He's also the most followed UK account with his band and fellow members dominating the Top 10.

And as for introductions, the CIA's first tweet is hard to beat (although far from enough to excuse recent revelations).

Twitter paints an excellent picture of the year's most talked about topics with the MH370 tragedy and the Scottish Independence vote taking the top two spots in the UK.

2014 became the year of the selfie with the term mentioned a huge 92 million times on TwitterSome of the best include...

Lukas Podolski’s selfies taken as the German team celebrated their World Cup victory.

Princes Harry and William sent their first ever selfie as they celebrated the launch of the Queens Young Leaders awards at Buckingham Palace.

Rory Mcilroy Tweets a team selfie from the plane after winning the Ryder Cup.

Emma Watson shares her graduation selfie with her 15 million followers.

Andy Murray and Djokovic’s courtside selfie at Madison Square Gardens.

Ant and Dec mark their National Television award with an onstage selfie with the audience.

Benedict Cumberbatch and Keira Knightley with fellow cast members at the Imitation Games premiere.

The The errant son of the selfie - the photobomb - also featured prominently not least this one...

It wasn't long before other royals were getting in on the act.