'If I Don't Get Sushi, I'll Kill Myself': #MiddleClassProblems Is Our Favourite New Hashtag

'Just Had The Worst Chai Latte Of My Life' And Other #MiddleClassProblems
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Dodgy chai tea, incorrect glassware and horse-riding etiquette - the problems of the middle class are hilarious endless.

Tongue-in-cheek Twitter handle @MiddleClassProb has been collecting some of the funniest since 2010.

Now Benjamin Lee, the guy behind the awesome account, has bought out a book full of the classics titled 'Middle Class Problems: Problems But Not Real Actual Problems, Just Middle Class.'

But if you can't wait to buy the book, here are a few of our favourites.


Overheard in Waitrose

An essential guide to cheeseboard etiquette

Being Middle Class

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