Russell Brand's Question Time Attacker Was Ukip MEP's Brother

Guy That Stood Up For Farage Against Brand Was Ukip MEP's Brother

He's a Ukip MEP's brother and once considered standing for the party himself.

Robert Carver, brother of James Carver, accosted Russell Brand on Thursday night after the comedian accused Ukip leader Nigel Farage of "pointing his finger at immigrants and the disabled".

Carver said: "I’ve never heard him criticise the disabled, OK? Never."

People were already suggesting that the man's presence in the audience was a bit suspect during the broadcast:

Bespoke umbrella maker and MEP James Carver tweeted once during the show, saying: "Maybe the confused angry lady in the audience might be struggling with her true support for Ukip. She's even dyed her hair purple!"

The Mirror reports that according to Rob Carver's Facebook Page he has a brother named Jimmy Carver, and once wrote a blog post claiming to be the West Midlands MEP’s brother.

A biography below the post also says: "Rob has been asked by UKIP to stand as the party candidate in the Tory safe seat of Beckenham at the general election."

James Carver has confirmed to The Sunday Politics that the man is his brother, but said he "isn't really political".


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