#OrangeWednesdays Outrage Hits Twitter After EE Cancels 2-for-1 Film Deal

RIP #OrangeWednesdays

EE has announced that it will cancel the Orange Wednesdays cinema deal that it exclusively offers its customers. The news has caused something of a minor explosion on Twitter as customers share their frustration over the decision.

The network was unable to reach an agreement with cinema chains and so, after 10 years of mid-week cinema trips, the iconic deal will be no more.

Unsurprisingly the news has gone down about as well as an invite to Nigel Farage's Christmas lunch and #OrangeWednesdays quickly started trending on Twitter.

EE has confirmed that while it is ending the 10-year old deal it has already started formulating a plan of attack to try and offer an alternative deal instead.

For now though here are some choice extracts from the social explosion:

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