Putin's Tiger, Kuzya, Kills And Eats Dog After Defecting To China

Putin's Tiger Defects To China And Eats A Pet Dog

A tiger released into the wild by Vladimir Putin has been filmed killing and eating a pet dog after crossing the border into China.

Kuzya has been tracked by GPS since being released with two other rare Siberian tigers by the Russian president in May.

In the film he can be seen lying with the body of a domestic dog before leaving after eating his fill.

His defection is likely to be only temporary as the animal regularly crosses the Russia-China border in search of food.

Deputy chief of the State Forestry Administration's Feline Research Center, Zhang Minghai, said: "Kuzya is very likely to visit China again as it marked the areas he visited with his urine, designating his 'territory.

"China has a sound forest ecosystem and plenty of food."

The footage was filmed on the island of Heixiazi island which links the two countries.

Kuzya has caused controversy in the past after he was accused of killing 13 goats at the end of last month.

Farm owner Guo Yulin told Xinhua at the time: "On Monday night, the tiger came back and did not make any noise.

"When I opened the goat house in the morning, dead goats were everywhere."

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