UFO Spotted Hovering Over Statue Of Liberty In New York

A UFO was caught on video in New York last week after a tourist caught the circular black object hovering over the Statue of Liberty.

What at first glance appeared to be nothing more than a balloon turned out to be something far more interesting when it became clear that the object had stopped and was hovering over the famous landmark.

The shaky video was taken by Scott Kensington and his wife who had been visiting the monument as tourists. Kensington apologises for the shortness of the video saying that his wife's phone had run out of memory.

While some are calling the sighting clear proof that aliens do indeed exist, others are suggesting that a far more likely explanation is that the object was a solar balloon.

Solar balloon's are large black disc-shaped balloons which use the sun to heat up the air inside them causing them to rise. Due to the fact that they have to be painted black they're often mistaken for unidentified flying objects.

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