Woman Swaps Junk Food For Weight Training - And Drops Two Dress Sizes In 12 Weeks


A secret eater who ate healthily throughout the day but gorged on midnight snacks has ditched her junk food habits to drop two dress sizes in just 12 weeks.

Aysha Hoare used to regularly scoff bars of chocolate before bed after a day of salads or sneak sweets on the way to the gym.

But the 23-year-old, who is now a size 8, managed to drop two dress sizes and more than a stone in just 12 weeks after ditching the late-night treats and taking up weight training.

Aysha said: “Even though I was eating well during the day I wasn’t losing the weight I felt I should have.

“Appearances can be deceptive because I was coming home most evenings and tucking in to sugary treats.”

Despite always being slim, when Aysha started work as a retail assistant, her busy routine meant she strayed to junk food and sweets.

Aysha started a 12-week body transformation programme which meant cutting out all the sweet treats she lived on and taking up an intensive gym programme with weight training.

Instead of biscuits and toffee sweets, dessert became protein-based puddings that were part of the her training.

And in 12 weeks she had lost 11.2 cm from her waist and 5.6cm from her hips going from 10st 5 to 8st 11lbs.

Aysha said: “I was going to the gym and then coming home and eating junk food – it really defeated the point!

“Because I felt I’d been good all day, I really wanted something naughty to eat and I felt I’d earned it.

“It became my secret habit – I didn’t tell anyone that I was snacking away on chocolate after everyone else had gone to bed.

“Thankfully doing the Ultimate Sports Nutrition programme helped me cut the and stay on the straight and narrow.

“When you’ve got a programme to stick to, it makes it so much easier. I needed the motivation it gives you to keep going and not give up.

“It was hard to hide all the sweets and chocolate I was putting away because it wasn’t on the diet programme I’d put together with the USN starter pack.

“I genuinely believed that running around and getting cardio-vascular exercise should have been enough.

“Never did I think in a million years that weight training would help me but it was on the programme so I thought, ‘ok, I’ll give this a go’."

She added: “The results were incredible. People at work noticed and even asked me if I was eating enough.

“I had to keep reassuring them, ‘I am eating more than you can imagine!’

“I’ve always loved my food and could never have done a diet where it meant cutting out all important calories.

“This way I’ve changed my attitude to food – no more midnight snacks for me - and gained an all-round healthier lifestyle.

“And I have achieved my dream body and the confidence I've always wanted”.

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