Best Home Gadgets 2014: Philips Hue, Xbox One And The iKettle

Everyone is obsessed with having the latest gadget in their pocket, but for some reason the idea of a tech-filled home still fills us with dread.

It shouldn't. While WiFi lights, connected audio and digital weather stations all sound like a faff, they're actually brilliantly useful and can really change the way your home works for the better.

Admittedly, while we've been hearing all year about the 'Internet of Things' (whereby your fridge, cooker and bathtub will get online) we're not sure we're there yet. Not everything in life needs to have an app or a bridge connected to your router.

But we're still convinced that the connected home is a reality in 2014, not just a fantasy.

Here are our selections for the best home gadgets of the year. Roll on 2015.

Netatmo Weather Station

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