The Ultimate Whisky Gifts: Gadgets, Glasses And More

Christmas in the UK is (usually) the coldest time of year -- and short of turning yourself into a human tog rating, there's only one truly refined way to stay warm: whisky.

Whether you're drinking it from an indestructible flask or a one of a kind handmade oak chair your surroundings are as important as the drink you choose.

Whisky gifts then are big business, and unlike other spirits they usually come with the requirement of being a match for the beverage they accompany: premium, well-made and best enjoyed into the bleak beauty of Scotland.

To turn you from a passing observer into the hardened enthusiast you know you want to become we've created the ultimate list that'll take you on a journey from the warm comfort of your living room to the golf links of St Andrews.

Enjoy responsibly, so no reading while walking, driving, golfing or drinking.

Mature Your Own Whisky Set

Whisky Gadgets