The Ultimate Tech Of 2014: Last Minute Gifts (Speakers, Headphones, Toys And More)

The Ultimate Tech Of 2014

There has been more than a little bit of tech released in 2014.

In fact it almost feels like we've been writing about it all year. Weird, huh?

Over the last six weeks we've been cataloguing our best picks and deals over at our Tech The Halls section. But now Christmas is coming closer and closer, we're thinking you're probably in panic mode.

That's why we've compiled most of our tech gift guides into this one master list, below, so you can search through it and maybe happen on a great gift idea right at the last minute.

We also have Engadget's selections, in the video above.

Happy Christmas. And don't worry, we're SURE nothing will be released in 2015.

Sony SmartWatch 3

The Ultimate Tech Of 2014

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