19/12/2014 06:35 GMT | Updated 19/12/2014 06:59 GMT

'Masterchef' Contestant Can't Open The Lid On A Jar, But Fortunately Her Dad Is In The Audience

We've all been there. Unable to get the lid off a jar of sauce... while competing in a timed round in the final of 'Masterchef' Brazil.

Fortunately for Elisa Fernandes, however, her father Sidney was in the studio audience to save the day. And not only that, Elisa went on to win. Hurrah!

(Note to British 'Masterchef' makers: you really should think about having a live studio audience for the final, too. We'd definitely be there. Holding placards that read 'Buttery Biscuit Base'.)

(Via Twenty Two Words)