Rogue Sun Could Bombard Earth With Deadly Comets

A German scientist has suggested that a rogue star will pass by our solar system causing life-threatening comet showers to rain down on Earth.

Dr Coryn Bailer-Jones from the Max Planck Institute for Astronomy in Heidelberg has noted that there are several stars which could pose a problem for Earth by interfering with the gravity balance of our solar system.

The true irony of the situation will be that it won't actually be the rogue star that causes our eventual extinction, it'll be the asteroids and comets that are peacefully orbiting past Neptune.

As the star passes its gravitational pull start moving the comets out of orbit showering Earth and the other planets.

Bailer-Jones discovered the stars after looking at the astronomical data of around 50,000 suns.

The good news though is that none of us will ever have to worry about it. The first rogue star isn't due to arrive for around 500,000 years.

By that point humans may well have moved past our own solar system, or we'll have just found a way of moving stars out of the way. Clearly. Erm.