Glasgow Crash 'Joke' Tweet Ends In Arrest For Sunderland Man

Police have arrested a 19-year-old man over an "offensive" tweet about the Glasgow bin lorry crash that has killed six people.

The tweet, which has since been deleted along with the account that posted it, joked about the tragedy, in which the driver lost control of the vehicle and drove on the pavement, hitting Christmas shoppers "like pinballs".

The tweet said: "So a bin lorry has apparently driven in 100 people in Glasgow eh, probably the most trash it's picked up in one day".

The arrested man, believed to be Ross Loraine, from Sunderland, handed himself in to Northumbria Police.

The force said he was arrested on suspicion of making a malicious communication and had been bailed while they investigated.

Speaking before the arrest was announced, Steve Kuncewisz, a solicitor specialising in media law, said the tweet could constitute an offence under The Communications Act.

He added some of the responses to the tweet - including insults and threats - could also be an offence under the same act.

He said: "The wisdom of the crowd is not always present in situations like this. And the wisdom of the this one guy seems to have deserted him. But whether or this would justify an arrest of prosecution, I'm not so sure."

People mourning the tragedy tweeted their anger at this and other "sick jokes" they said others were making on social media.

Speaking earlier today, Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said that Glasgow was waking with a "broken heart" but praised the city's resilience.

She added: "This city will pull together to support those who have been affected, not just in the days ahead but in the weeks and months to come."