Topshop 'Depression' Handbag Trivialises Mental Health Issues In The Worst Way


:: We originally believed that the bag was produced by Topshop, but it has since been brought to our attention that the bag is stocked by Topshop but manufactured by 'It's Not Me It's You'.

:: Topshop is removing the bag from its stores

Hot on the high heels of their domestic violence jewellery range and emaciated mannequins, comes another spectacular own goal from Topshop.

This time, they've trivialised mental health issues by stocking a handbag, manufactured by concession brand 'It's Not Me It's You', that reads: "Stressed. Depressed. But well dressed."

The bag appears to be suggesting that it doesn't matter if someone is suffering from depression or stress, as long as they look the part.

HuffPost UK Students editor Lucy Sherriff, spotted the bag in London on Tuesday 23 December. Topshop has since apologised and announced it will be removing the bag from its stores.

It isn't the first time that a high street brand has used mental health issues to push sales. Earlier this year Urban Outfitters were forced to remove a cropped t-shirt with the word 'depression' written all over it.

When will brands start realising that mental health issues cannot be used as a fashion accessory?