05/01/2015 06:03 GMT | Updated 05/01/2015 06:59 GMT

Women Caught Sunbathing In Graveyard In Bikinis. Most People Are Outraged, Others Think It's Just Fine.

Two women have been caught sunbathing on gravestones in a cemetery in Victoria, Australia.

A photograph of the bikini-clad pair, who stripped off in Glenmaggie Cemetery, has been circulating on social media and, understandably, has caused quite a storm.

But while most people are outraged, there are a handful of people who think the behaviour is completely fine - they're even taking to social media to defend the women.

glenmaggie cemetary

Peter Coleman, who is from the Glenmaggie Cemetery Trust and has loved ones buried at the cemetery, said criticised the women and called for them to apologise.

"They should be disgusted with themselves," Coleman told Seven News. "Personally I would love them to come forward and make a public apology to all the locals."

“The people buried in this cemetery were hard working and respected within this community. I am saddened that our families have had to see this image,” wrote one Facebook user.

But others thought the actions are forgivable.

"They didn't cause any damage or do criminal damage I can't believe some people yeah maybe it was a bad decision on there [sic] behalf but people are making a big thing out of nothen [sic]," wrote one user.

Another said: "Get over it anyone would think they destroyed the grave sites and dug them up lol I think there is [sic] bigger issues going on than a couple of chicks sunbaking lol"

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