08/01/2015 08:06 GMT | Updated 20/05/2015 06:12 BST

Baby And Pug's Tug-Of-War Over Pet Bed (Video)

YouTube/Shealey Kindle

It's the battle of the cuties: baby vs pug. And there can only be one winner.

Watch and see in this fabulously sweet YouTube video which shows the moment an unimpressed pug finds a baby girl sat in his pet bed.

Cue a closely fought tug-of-war. Or pug of war, if you will!

The video starts with the baby – called Meeghan – sitting happily in the pet's bed.

Story continues after video...

But a pug ugly mood descend when the dog arrives doing an impression of the Goldilocks' bears and asks: "Who's this sleeping in my bed?"

The canine then proceeds to wrestle his bed back. At first he circles around the plush mattress and gently paws at it.

He then tries another line of attack by grabbing the fabric with his teeth and shaking the baby out.

When that fails, the pug plops himself down alongside the baby.

Meeghan's mum says off camera: "There you go, you guys can share."

But the pug isn't content with sharing and gets back up.

Putting all of his energy into it, he finally manages to throw the girl out of his bed.

She is seen tumbling back on to her head but, unhurt, she gives a big grin to the camera and sits up straight.

With one hand on the bed, she looks ready to claim her resting place back...but that's for another installment!

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