University Of Melbourne Study Reveals Shocking Sexism Among Female Students

Westend61 via Getty Images

A survey of students at the University of Melbourne has uncovered a shocking trend of sexism in the Physics department.

In response to a report on the dwindling number of females choosing to study the subject, 200 physics students were asked questions about gender differences within the discipline.

More than half of the women who took part thought physics was a man's game.

"I have no idea what I'm doing"

One female student wrote: "Women are generally not as good with numbers as men, so physics is more difficult to subject them to."

Following the trend of institutionalised stereotyping of their own gender, another said: "Women are generally not as good as men in physics hence they feel discouraged to continue."

Jacinta den Besten, who conducted the study, said: "That really surprised me in this day and age. What concerns me is that they're opting for the easier subjects."

Only 10% of respondents said they were intending to continue studying physics, although some of the remainder were unsure.

The results also suggested women really uneasy about continuing with physics because classes and lectures are mostly male dominated.