How To Free Up Space On Your iPhone

If you have an iPhone, then you almost certainly have to think more carefully about how your storage space fills up than users of other devices.

Apple's smartphones are certainly gorgeous, but without a MicroSD card slot, or truly seamless integration with Dropbox, it can be tricky to maintain enough space for all your photos, music and apps -- especially when it comes time to update your OS.

Fortunately HuffPost US have compiled an amazing list of ways to make sure you never run out of space.

We recommend heading over to their site to read the full list, but here are some of the highlights:

  • Only save HDR photos: by default Apple will store two versions of the same picture on your phone if you select HDR, but you only really need one. Set the phone app to keep just HDR and save tons of space. (Via Settings > Photos and Camera > Keep Normal Photo)
  • Restore Your Phone: check your phone's storage make-up in iTunes. If 'Other' is taking up huge amounts of space, your phone's storage might be corrupted - backup your phone, and restore it, and you should see more space once everything's put back in place.
  • Delete Apps: an obvious one, perhaps, but if your phone is full of apps you don't use, just delete them. Be ruthless. You don't need five versions of Candy Crush. No one does.
  • Check What You're Storing: go to General > Usage > Manage Storage. See what's using all the space. If it's Podcasts, investigate. If it's Messages, remove your old video and picture messages. Etc.