Woman At Knicks Game Kisses Stranger On Kiss Cam After Her Date Refuses

A snubbed girlfriend took sweet revenge after being ignored by her date when they were on the big screen at a basketball game.

She was super excited to see her own face on the Knicks' Kiss Cam, but her boyfriend was more interested in his phone.

So she went for the next best thing - and snogged a stranger.

It's hard not to think the couple might have been putting on a show for fans at Madison Square Garden, but eyewitness Hugo Davies is convinced it was real.

"I don't think it was staged because the guy looked genuinely angry and embarrassed after, he was blushing dark red for the rest of the game and didn't talk to her afterwards," he told the Daily Mail.

Staged or not, it's certainly a great deal more entertaining than most of the kiss cam videos kicking around.

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