Creme Eggs 'Not Laid By Actual Chickens', Confirms Cadbury

Britons are up in arms after learning that their favourite chocolate treat, Cadbury's Creme Eggs, are not, in fact, laid by chickens.

"My whole world has been shattered," one told HuffPost UK Comedy. "How could they do this?"

"I was really upset about the recent terrorist attacks in France, but this has put it all in perspective," said another. "I would march on Cadbury's headquarters in Birmingham, if it wasn't totally Muslim."

No yoke: Chocolate eggs are produced by humans

Cadbury's revelation is just the latest blow for Creme Egg consumers, who have also recently discovered that their favourite treats are no longer being manufactured with Cadbury's Dairy Milk chocolate, but instead with milk chocolate made by Cadbury's.

"We realise that some customers may be disappointed by this news," a Cadbury spokeperson told us. "Especially the middle class ones who haven't yet realised that the reason Creme Eggs taste so yummy is because they're made with E-numbers, flavourings, sugar and glucose syrup."

A helpline has been set up for consumers traumatised by the Cadbury news. Those needing help are being urged to dial 0800-555-ICANTHANDLECHANGE.