Is This What iOS 9 Will Look Like?

An 18 year old student and tech enthusiast has created a video showing the features that he thinks should arrive on Apple's new iOS 9 when it's unveiled in June at WWDC 2015.

Ralph Theodory's iOS 9 suggestions are brilliant, not least because they address a number of key shortcomings with iOS 9 but because they embody the new design direction that Apple is clearly taking, first with iOS 8 and even more so with the Apple Watch.

With brighter colours and softer icon shapes, Theodory sees the iPhone 6 using more of the design elements that are turning up in Apple's first smart watch.

From circular app icons to a dark menu system, these are all features that would well appear in the next major update for iPhone and iPad.

One of the most useful features that the video lists is of course being able to close all your apps at once. Apple's current multi-tasking system is pleasant to look at but it's not exactly quick to use.

Theodory puts forward the idea of having a single button that'll close all the current apps, saving time that would otherwise have been spent endlessly swiping each individual application.

While these are just suggestions, Theorodory's ideas are some of the best we've seen. Of course he's not the only one.