Britain First Pledge Support For Pastor Who Called Islam 'Satanic'

Britain First have displayed a futile grasp not only of geography but also of the difference between the Islamist groups of which they so passionately claim to fight.

The pseudo-political groups leader and his equally misinformed deputy went Taliban hunting - in Belfast.

While the Northern Ireland capital has seen more than its fair share of troubles, the Pakistan and Afghanistan-based Islamist movement has yet to get a foothold in the city.

Neither is it known for its lucrative opium crop or repelling the Soviet army in the 90s.

Undeterred Paul Golding and Jayda Fransen ventured over to confront one of the city's leading Muslims who recently made some controversial comments.

In a video adorned with a 'Taliban Hunting Club' logo, Golding said: "We're outside the Belfast Islamic centre. The reason we're here is because a few months ago a Christian pastor [James McConnell] was castigated quite ferociously by the establishment for saying Islam is Satanic.

"The establishment relied primarily upon a Muslim leader from here in Northern Ireland, his name's Al Wassad, he's from Mosul in North Iraq.

"Recently there's been a huge furay [the word you're looking for is "furore"] because this Islamic leader came out and said Mosul in Northern Iraq is one of the most peaceful countries in the world."

Ok Paul, few points to make here.

  • Firstly, anyone who says Islam is Satanic actually does deserve to be castigated ferociously or not.
  • His name's actually Dr Raied Al-Wazzan, with an 'n' not a 'd'.
  • Al-Wazzan has since apologised for his comments which were certainly ill-judged.
  • But before we judge him too harshly, lets have a look at the comments made by the Pastor Britain First have travelled so far to defend.

In May he told his congregation: "Islam is heathen, Islam is satanic, Islam is a doctrine spawned in hell.

"Enoch Powell was a prophet, he called it that blood would flow on the streets and it has happened.

"Fifteen years ago Britain was concerned of IRA cells right throughout the nation. They done a deal with the IRA because they were frightened of being bombed.

"Today a new evil has arisen. There are cells of Muslims right throughout Britain, can I hear an Amen, right throughout Britain, and this nation is going to enter into a great tribulation, a great trial."

Despite this Golding and Fransen insist they "support him wholeheartedly".

Fransen adds: "We are absolutely disgusted by the comments made by [Al-Wazzan]".